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Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems, Inc. engineers its continuous duty Hydrostatic Testing Units specifically for oilfield and pipeyard pipe testing at pressures to 20,000 PSI.

Gardner Denver's Hydrostatic Testing Units are known for their dependability world wide. Usually only one operator is required to conduct a complete hydrostatic evaluation. Both the diesel and electric Hydrostatic Testing Units are designed for optimum portablility, and may be trailer or skid mounted.
feature of these units is their exclusive "Pressure-Trol" system which allows the operator to regulate testing pressure and bleed down with two centrally mounted levers without having to "clutch" the engine or shut down the electric motor. All engine gauges and start/stop controls are conveniently located on centralized control consoles.

Both the electric and diesel units depend upon the rugged Partek Triplex Pump. Partek pump components are fabricated from precipitation hardened stainless steel to maximize
corrosion resistance. Pump valve and valve seats are field replaceable in 30 minutes with ordinary
hand tools.


  • Built for continuous duty
  • Increase in production with simple-to operate controls
  • Eliminates motor and pump starts / stops
  • "Pressure-Trol" rated to 20,000 PSI working pressure
  • Field replaceable pump parts reduce downtime
  • Optional centrifugal fill pump

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