Pipeline Tester

Pipeline Testing Rental - Unit 308

200 GPM @ 2,500 PSI

Rental Unit 308 uses a bronze headed GD LM200 pump powered by a Detroit diesel engine with an Eaton Fuller 5 speed transmission. The all bronze fluid head allows the opperator to pump salt water and other more corrosive fluids with out damaging the pump. Unit 308 is mounted on a gooseneck trailer and can be easily unmounted if your job needs a skidded unit. The Eaton Fuller 5 speed transmission really helps when doing a hydrostatic test by allowing the operator to easily alter flowrates to the needs of the job by changing gears. This rental pump's higher flowrate coupled with a 5 speed transmission makes it an ideal hydrostatic tester for pipeline use.

Unit # Pump Model GPM @ PSI Engine Model Transmission & Other Notes Price
Unit 308 GD LM200 130 @ 2,500 Detroit 671 4 Speed Eaton Fuller Transmission, Bumber Pull Trailer