10000 PSI Water Blaster for Sale

Our current 10,000 PSI pump inventory includes pump packages from 200 horsepower to 500 horsepower. Typically our 200 horsepower 10,000 PSI pumps are used for tubular lancing, multigun blasting, well injection and a variety of other industrial cleaning applications. Our higher horsepower (200-500 HP) 10,000 PSI pumps are used for power plant cleaning, automated cleaning equipment, cleaning heat exchangers, well injection work and other industrial cleaning applications. Some of these pumps are equipped with soft seat valves to better handle pumping acid, brine solutions and other reactive fluids. Pump brands include Gardner Denver, NLB, Jetstream and Wheatley.  Please call or email today for quotes and more information.



Pump Model

Unit #

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Gardner Denver TX450SB 80 GPM Max 10,000 PSI MAX Gardner Denver TX450SB 886
NLB 10-200 30 GPM @ 10,000 PSI NLB 10-200 939
GD TX450M 60 GPM Max 10,000 PSI MAX GD TX450M 798
Jetstream 500Q 76 GPM @ 10,000 PSI Jetstream 500Q 922
NLB 10-200 52 GPM - 10,000 PSI NLB 10-200