MCM Centrifugal Fill Pumps

MCM Centrifugal Fill Pump, unit 631 dual pump hydrostatic tester utilizes an MCM 250 series pump to fill your pipeline at a rate of 600 gallons per minute, until the pressure reaches 150 PSI when the Giant GT-8145 stainless steel plunger pump begins to perform the hydrostatic test at a rate of 48 GPM up to a max pressure of 5,000 PSI. Contact us for more information on our MCM centrifugal fill pump and giant triplex pump.

Unit # Pump Model GPM @ PSI Engine Model Transmission & Other Notes Price
Unit 631 MCM Centrifugal Fill Pump & Giant Triplex Pump Fill with 600 GPM to 150 PSI & Test with 48 GPM @ 5,000 PSI Detroit PTO , Bumper Pull Trailer, Bronze Fluid End on Pump