Wolverine Hydro Tester

The Wolverine oilfield hydrostatic tester utilizes a centrifugal fill pump in conjunction with a high pressure Giant plunger pump. The one line drive and pressure trol valve on the Wolverine makes it extremely easy to use. Once turned, hooked up and turned on, the operator pushes the pressure trol down, the centrifugal pump fills until 300 PSI is reached, then the plunger pump begins automatically bringing the item up to test pressure. Once test pressure is reached the operator simply lets off the pressure trol and the hydrostatic test begins. One of the simplest to use testers on the market today. Have more questions or would like more information? Please call us today and let one of our qualified sales reps assist you!

Unit # Pump Model GPM @ PSI Engine Model Transmission & Other Notes Price
Wolverine Tester Wolverine Hydro Tester Fill with 18 GPM to 300 PSI & Test with 2.1 GPM up to 15,000 PSI Kubota V150S Tier IV Diesel Full certified offshore skid, digital recorder, pressure trol, 2 X 225 gallon water tanks